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How do I convert a text file into a string matrix؟

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soheila on 19 Aug 2016
Commented: soheila on 19 Aug 2016
I have a text file 'h.txt'.It is assumed as follows:
a dd gf jh ju h ghh frd ghyg hhh hgfd
Each doc gfd ffd f ffd gtr asd ds das fdr fef ftf hg
f fdd gtf rrr ed
I want the output matrix is as follows:
  • I have one row for each line and each word is in a column.
  • For example, here There are three rows.
  • But the number of columns is different for each row(First row 11 column,in the other words a column for each word )


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mbonus on 19 Aug 2016
Edited: mbonus on 19 Aug 2016
Try to import on line at a time in a for loop. Then within that loop convert the line into an array. You would then save that array to an index of a cell array. then at the end you can either keep the cell array, or you can find the longest row and pre-allocate a matrix of that size, then copy the data in the cell array over to the matrix, leaving the rest of the indexes as empty strings. The for loop would look like this:
cell_array = {};
for i = 1:numlinesinfile
current_line = import current line in file
cell_array{i} = current_line

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soheila on 19 Aug 2016
Thank you. If you could explain in more detail. I've recently started working with MATLAB.

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