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How can I get successful transmission using the QPSK transmitter and receiver USRP?

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I am now using two USRPs (NI 2920) as the QPSK transmitter and receiver using the scripts and First, I wonder are these two USRPs share the same IP address which is Second, I do not know where I am wrong as when I use different IP address for transmitter and receiver, I get messy codes which are attached by the screenshots. Do I have to update both USRP firmware and FPGA images and UHD version ( Thanks very much


sameen murtaza
sameen murtaza on 13 Jan 2017
hi Wenyu Zhang,I am using NI USRP 2932,and im finding difficulty when I write in MATLAB 2013a "findsdru" and it gives an answer of "not compatible". can you please tell me which version of MATLAB have you used while doing work with USRP 2920???? please it will be of great help
Yehezkiel Deta Kristiawan
Yehezkiel Deta Kristiawan on 23 May 2019
Hello Wenyu Zhang. I saw your youtube video titled USRP-based QPSK transceiver. I have a project task similar to the one you made. Can I get your email address so I can contact you?
or if you pleased, I hope you can contact my email address:

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Anurag Gupta
Anurag Gupta on 1 Aug 2016
It is my understanding that you are transmitting QPSK modulated signal through a USRP to another USRP kit configured as receiver. You are facing problem to implement that successfully.
Two USRPs do not share the same IP address. You have not attached the screenshot. Try to set the host PC's IP address to the same subnet as that of your USRP device. You may also try to increase the gain of your transmitter and receiver and see if it solves your problem.
You can refer to the following documentation for more details:
Anurag Gupta

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Wenyu Zhang
Wenyu Zhang on 9 Aug 2016
Thank you very much for your answer. Yes, you are right. And finally I changed the gain to make the transmission successful. Thanks a lot!

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