matlab code for spectrum sensing in cognitive radio

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komalpreet kaur
komalpreet kaur on 17 Apr 2016
Commented: Mustefa Bedri on 17 Oct 2021
i am doing my thesis on cognitive ,i need matlab code for spectrum sensing
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 22 Sep 2020
shivani massey : what MATLAB code were you hoping to find... other than a complete solution for your entire project?

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Mohammed  Saleem pasha
Mohammed Saleem pasha on 6 Nov 2017
good morning Iam doing my m tech project on cognitive radio i have bpsk modulation code in order to sense the spectrum i need 8 psk program to sense the spectrum

MASTER WHOS on 11 Feb 2019
Hello @all;
>> I am using MATLAB R2016b, In brief: I am using the MATLAB while learning (so not much experience). I am doing a "SPECTRUM SHARING" project for my FY studies.
>>In my matlab R2016b, I searched for a matlab source/sample codes for this topic, and in my search-- a book was pointed having the sample codes, I read the book AND TRIED TO RUN THE CODES but they didnt work. The first error was fminsearchbnd, of which I asked here and told the file is not built in the matlab, so I followed the guide to download and make a path for the matlab to find it. But again there are errors which I need help. Including QSP, QSP_complex, QSP_complex2_case2. not defined, with some other errors in the fminsearchbnd function I downloaded etc
Note: The codes and the reults of the search (book name) are attached....
1- NEED TO KNOW: Is this version of MATLAB R2016b old?(that can not handle such a case as for now)??
2- If this version (MATLAB R2016b) is absolutely not a problem. Can anyone help the progam work? [AIM IS TO HAVE A STARTING POINT so that I can make modifications inline to my inputs/design] #I feel like easy at least to know where to feed my inputs
3- OTHERWISE, If someone have SPECTRUM SHARING MATLAB codes WHICH ARE WORKING (similar or even differrent from this) can you kindly share with me? [ie. if no2 is not possible to help due to any reason including ©rights]

Tegegne Iyalew
Tegegne Iyalew on 18 Oct 2019
I am Msc student. I have doing My thesis on control channel selection technique as interlive-underlay CSMA/CA. would any one provide matlab basic code about SCMA/CA under cognitive radio?
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Mustefa Bedri
Mustefa Bedri on 17 Oct 2021
i am MSc student. i am doing my thesis on "Entropy based spectrum sensing for cognitive radio" . is there anyone who can provide me a basic code for entropy detection technique
my email :

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