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Get image from figure

Asked by Harshil Patel on 1 Mar 2016
Latest activity Commented on by Harshil Patel on 1 Mar 2016
I have an image and I would like to zoom in; I use the following code:
%First section
im = imread('mmx1.jpg');
%%Second Section
The 'first section' displays one image and the 'second section' returns a 'zoomed in' image. Could you please tell me how to retrieve this 'zoomed in' image in workspace?


for second section use another variable which you are assigning to zoomed output image dont give same IM as given in first section
I am sorry but I didn't understand what you mean by "use another variable". Could you write an example code?

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Jan 님의 답변 1 Mar 2016

The zoomed image contains exactly the same pixels values as the original image, because zooming concerns the view only. So what do you want to obtain exactly? I guess, that imresize will be more useful.

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Basically what I am looking for is zooming along the principal axis.
If I have a BW image (call it Image A) of an object, I will use SURF to find the strongest feature points of that object. After that, I will zoom into that image (which will give me a new zoomed image, B) and find the coordinates of those feature points in Image B.

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Florian 님의 답변 1 Mar 2016

Not sure if you can get the picture back from the image handle. Think of your problem a little bit different though:
A zoom factor of 2 is equivalent to throwing away 8/9 of the picture like this: x x x x 0 x x x x which is equivalent to throwing away half the rows to the left, right, top and bottom of the image. You can easily work your way forward from there for other factors. Regards, Florian


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