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How to make variable in Simulink, which few elements contains?

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Marcin Slotwinski
Marcin Slotwinski on 15 Jan 2016
Answered: goerk on 18 Jan 2016
Hallo, how can I make variable for example f in simulink, so I don't have to change it in few elements (generators, sine functions , etc), without using .m file?

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goerk on 18 Jan 2016
In a simulink model you can specify callbacks. In this callbacks you can place your variable declaration.
In the menu "Flie" -> "Model Properties" -> "Model Properties" in the Tab Callbacks you can choose PreLoadFcn. There you can define your variable (eg. f = 1.234;).
An other possibility is to define the variable in the model workspace. This can be done in the "Model Explorer". (View -> Model Explorer -> Model Explorer)

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