Why do I receive a data type mismatch error when using single phase asynchronos machine in simpower system?

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andy moor
andy moor on 31 Dec 2015
Answered: Joel Van Sickel on 18 Aug 2021
I want to simulate a system with a synchronous generator, resistive load and single phase asynchronous motor in simpower systems, but when I run simulation these errors occur
Data type mismatch. Input port 1 of 'my model name/Single Phase Asynchronous Machine/Electrical model/disconnection system/Logical Operator' expects a signal of data type 'double'. However, it is driven by a signal of data type 'boolean'.
Data type mismatch. Output port 1 of ' my model name /Single Phase Asynchronous Machine/Electrical model/disconnection system/Compare To Zero' is a signal of data type 'boolean'. However, it is driving a signal of data type 'double'. I would be thankful for any help I can get!

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 18 Aug 2021
This is an issue of having the wrong data types on your simulink signals. Try using this block: https://www.mathworks.com/help/simulink/slref/datatypeconversion.html

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