How to segment handwritten cursive characters using vertical projection profile??

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Meghashree G
Meghashree G on 21 Dec 2015
Commented: Meghashree G on 22 Dec 2015
Hello, I need to segment the cursive handwritten characters.for this i'm first doing preprocessing.i.e.COMPLEMENT OF BINARY WITH NO NOISE.for this i have attached the code.(thin.m) After thinning(word11.png is the input for projection.m file),im taking vertical projection profile for segmenting,it is working fine for few images.But its not for the one of the image as attached. my aim is not to exactly segment all characters.but the main letters would be 'e','f',all upper zone and lower zone characters.It's ok if middle zone character such as 'm' do not segment correctly.. Now,what changes should i make to achieve this?should i need to change my thinning algorithm or vertical projection profile code??
please help me.Thank you
Meghashree G
Meghashree G on 22 Dec 2015
oh correct.Thank you for identifying that.I changed the threshold a bit.Now image looks like this.

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