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Help needed vectorizing layer-wise 3d logical indexing problem.

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Hi folks,
I currently have a 3D logical array and a 2D matrix and I would like to logically index the 2D matrix using each layer of the logical array. I was wondering whether there was a faster, possibly more vectorized way that avoids a for loop.
A is p x q
B is p x q x r
C is cell(1,r)
for i = 1:r
C{i} = A(B(:,:,i));
Is there a one liner that can do this. My motivation is that I may want to parallelize this in the future.

Accepted Answer

Mohammad Abouali
Mohammad Abouali on 10 Dec 2015
Edited: Mohammad Abouali on 10 Dec 2015
% Creating Sample A and B matrix
B= (rand(3,4,5))>0.5;
% one liner equivalent to your code.
C=mat2cell(A(mod(find(B)-1,numel(A))+1), ...
You have to check though to see if it helps. Sometimes, looping is OK.

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