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zero crossing detection cause simulation error

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chen gao
chen gao on 21 Oct 2015
Hi, the model error information is as below when I do simulation using PLECS circuit,
"At time 0.0063829341183167269, simulation hits (1000) consecutive zero crossings. Consecutive zero crossings will slow down the simulation or cause the simulation to hang. To continue the simulation, you may 1) Try using Adaptive zero-crossing detection algorithm or 2) Disable the zero crossing of the blocks shown in the following table. "
It will be fine if I follow the suggestion 1) or 2) but I do need Zero crossing function since there are comparator circuit. Another error information occurs when I disable zero crossing,
"The circuit model contains non-sampled zero crossings. For accurate simulation results you need to enable the zero-crossing detection of the Simulink solver."


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Hildo on 1 Nov 2015
I have the exactly same problem, even changing the configurations. I know that problem occur because I am using a comparative block to generate a PWM signal. But I don't how to fix. I thought to change the solve method (now I am using ode23t) but my model is write to work in this solve because is a Stiff Problem.

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Tassneem Elrouby
Tassneem Elrouby on 8 May 2019
does any one find solution for this problem ?

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