How can i get the working simulink model for TMS320C6713 DSK in matlab 2014a using CCSv5.5 in windows 7.. .?

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Nagesha Singh
Nagesha Singh on 2 Sep 2015
I have installed the required support package for c6000 from matlab. Steps like Xmakefilesetup and checkenvsetup have been performed, still i am unable to fine "target preferences"(i have referred to some video and matlab Page for C6000 installation).please help me out with possible steps . Thanks Nageshwar

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Ashwini Venkatappa
Ashwini Venkatappa on 2 Aug 2016
In MATLAB 2014a, The "Target Preferences" block has been removed from the Simulink block libraries. The contents of the "Target Preferences" block have been moved to the "Target Hardware Resources" tab, located in the "Configuration Parameters" dialog.
note:The c6000 installation video was implemented in 2011a matlab

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