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I keep getting x as a single value output instead of an array of 14values..

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Austin on 25 Aug 2015
Answered: Jan on 27 Oct 2015
below are my codes: i would like to obtain an array for 14values for my x but i keep getting a single value output for x instead. Can anyone kindly advise on where have i gone wrong here?
a=0.5483 b=0.3941 c=0.9837
wl=200:100:1500 k1=0.5543 k2=0.4212 k3=0.4531


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Accepted Answer

Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek on 25 Aug 2015
Replace / by ./

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Jan on 27 Oct 2015
By the way: An optical simplification of the code can decrease the debug time:
wl_2 = wl .^ 2;
x = sqrt(1 + (a .* wl_2 ./ (wl_2 - k1^2)) + ...
(b .* wl_2 ./ (wl_2 - k2^2)) + ...
(c .* wl_2 ./ (wl_2 - k3^2)))
Just some spaces, removing unneeded parenthesis and a temporary variable.


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