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Can Matlab be started without certain toolboxes?

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Brian Donovan
Brian Donovan on 14 Jul 2015
Edited: Ghada Saleh on 16 Jul 2015
I have a license with multiple toolboxes, some of which I never need. Can I configure a start script that does not automatically load all the toolboxes?
Brian Donovan
Brian Donovan on 14 Jul 2015
Why indeed. A majority of my work is within Matlab and not within the toolboxes. Mostly this is an academic pursuit, is it possible?

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Accepted Answer

Ghada Saleh
Ghada Saleh on 16 Jul 2015
Edited: Ghada Saleh on 16 Jul 2015
Hi Brian,
You can remove the path of the toolbox that you do not want loaded from MATLAB search path. To find the path of all the toolboxes installed use the command:
>> path
To remove that path of a specific toolbox, use the command:
>> rmpath('put the path of the toolbox here')
For example, to remove the Wavelet Toolbox you can execute:
>> rmpath([matlabroot '\toolbox\wavelet\wavelet'])
In order to avoid executing this command every time you start MATLAB, either use savepath or add the 'rmpath' command in your 'startup.m' file.
In order to restore the path of a specific toolbox use addpath . Alternatively, you can restore the default paths of all your toolboxes using the commands:
>> restoredefaultpath
>> rehash toolboxcache
Please note that restoring the default toolboxes path will delete the path to any custom toolbox that you might have already added and you will have to re-add them.
I hope this helps.

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