How to import an matrix to a function or to another program

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Nadia Bica
Nadia Bica on 8 Jul 2015
Commented: Steven Lord on 17 Jul 2015
hello, I have 5 matrices that I need to run a program called 1Casotabela but in this on I have some cicles for where I need to import data from a different file. When those matrices where small I would copy and then past on an editor and create a function. But now these matrices are too big so I would like to know a way to import the data from these diferent programs I have for each matrix. At this point I tried to wrote : function ex1=Geo1(....) ex1=Kgeo1
where Kgeo1 is a matrix, at this point this dont work it apeear an error saying "Undefined function or variable 'Kgeo1'."
The files are attached. thank you
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 17 Jul 2015
You will not be able to call your function/script 1casotabela as it is not a valid MATLAB identifier. It does not start with a letter.

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Ghada Saleh
Ghada Saleh on 17 Jul 2015
Hi Nadia,
You can use the Import Data Tool in MATLAB. You can use it to select the data you want to import from a file and specify the output variable. You can also use it to generate an automated function to read the data from different files. Alternatively, you can use importdata function to import different files.
I hope this helps,

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