How to read Hypespectral .dat and .hdr file

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Khan on 3 Jul 2015
Answered: yanjie qi on 28 Feb 2016
Dear All, I have downloaded sample hyperspectral data from there are some .dat and .hdr files. .hdr file contains information about data. The problem is i dont know how to read .hdr file? can anyone suggest please. secondly as i am new to working on HSI, anyone having matlab code to read and display my hyperspectral .dat files. Thanking you in anticipation.

Accepted Answer

Cong Huynh
Cong Huynh on 14 Aug 2015
To load and save multispectral images (consisting of pairs of .hdr and .fla files), you could use the Scyllarus hyperspectral image processing toolbox. The MATLAB version of this toolbox is available for non-commercial use and can be downloaded from
The functions to look at are FLARead and FLAWrite under src/io. With these functions you can read from and write to the .fla format (ENVI-compatible), rather than any colour image format. Alternatively you can save the image to a .mat file but this option usually produces a much larger image.
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sonia carole
sonia carole on 7 Jan 2016
Goog Evening Cong Huynh, i have downloaded the zip of the scyllarus but still I cannot explore it well should I unzip it into a directory on the MATLAB path??

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