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How can I "black box" a Simulink Model?

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I have created a Simulink model that I need to send to a customer. The Simulink model contains proprietary information so I would like to create a custom "block" so that the methods and values cannot be seen. Masking the routine does not work in this case because the model can still be accessed. I was thinking that a .mex file would be the way to go but I haven't found a way to convert a model to ".mex". Any tips would be appreciated.


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Accepted Answer

Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro on 28 Jun 2015
If you have Simulink Coder, you can create a protected model. These are useful because you can create different levels of passwords for viewing (read-only), simulating, and generating code from the model.
- Sebastian


Michael Schulte
Michael Schulte on 29 Jun 2015
Thank you Sebastian. Is there an efficient way to add "legalese" to the block? For example if the user clicks the box it opens up a "This is the ACME best routine ever. Please use with caution and you assume all liability"?
Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro on 29 Jun 2015
What I would do is the following:
  1. Create the protected model, e.g., testModel.slxp
  2. Make a new block library
  3. In this library, add a Model block to reference testModel.slxp
  4. Create a mask for that block by right-clicking and selecting "Mask > Create Mask" (Ctrl+M)
  5. In the mask documentation, type your "legalese" as shown below.
  6. Distribute said library with the .slxp model, ensure users drag from the library block.
- Sebastian

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sanya gode
sanya gode on 29 Oct 2019
I am working on Equivalent Circuit Modeling for estimating the battery parametrs. I read in MAthworks documentation that the model can be Blackboxed for sharing with certain customers so that they can modeify it accourding to the application for which they are using the battery without knowing the internal parameters or source code. I read that once the model is created we need to generate the code and than we have create a new simulink model based on the generated code.
Can you please elaborate on how exactly do we need to blackbox the model based on the generated code ?
Your answers will be very helpful and appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


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