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Brush: How can I change the font color of the displayed X and Y range?

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In my App in App Designer the background color of the figures is black. Therefore the displayed X and Y ranges (highlighted in yellow in the image above) should have white as font color. It is possible to change this font color?
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Hans-Juergen Nitzpon
Hans-Juergen Nitzpon on 6 Jun 2024
This does not solve my problem. When "brush" is activated, I select a range (red rectangle) by left mouse click and moving over the data points. Below the rectangle, the X and Y ranges of ths rectangle is displayed. The font color is black. Because I have figures with black background, I need white font color. It's about figures in an App in Matlab App Designer. Therefore I need code to solve the problem.

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Answers (1)

Alan Stevens
Alan Stevens on 5 Jun 2024
Select the Property Inspector, select the text, choose a color.
(The following code is just to get the image uploaded)


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