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function where input is also output

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Marina on 22 May 2024
Commented: Marina on 23 May 2024
Is it possible to have a function where the argument is also calculated in the same function?
Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE on 22 May 2024
ok then you can do it by iterations and hopefully it should converge , like
% start with initial values of flow and temperature
temp = ...
flow = ...
tol = 1e-3; % tolerance on result - whatever you want
while error > tol % repeat the loop until results have converged
temp_new = function1(flow); % update temperature (with function1)
flow_new = function2(temp_new); % update flow (with function2)
% compute error
error = abs(flow_new - flow) + abs(temp_new - temp); % other error metrics are possible, this is just one example
% update flow / temp
flow = flow_new;
temp = temp_new;

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Answers (2)

Star Strider
Star Strider on 22 May 2024
You can certainly return the input as an output if you want to.
A simple example —
x = 42;
[result_val, arg_val] = square_arg(x)
result_val = 1764
arg_val = 42
function [result_val, arg_val] = square_arg(x)
arg_val = x;
result_val = x.^2;

Kunal Kandhari
Kunal Kandhari on 22 May 2024
Hi Marina,
I understand that you are seeking to utilize pass-by-reference to modify the input argument passed into a function. The answer to the question depends on whether the input is a handle object or a value object.
The following MATLAB Answers post will explain how to achieve that:


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