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Remove Matlab three dots

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Madmad on 17 May 2024
Commented: Madmad on 20 May 2024
How to remove the three dots (edit: the one in the white rectangle)? I even have three three dots this time, even more annoying as usual.
They just appear randomly when I edit a loop sometimes and I cannot remove them anymore.
Edit: I want to remove this behavior, if any options allows it. Or at least, understand why it apppears.
Piyush Kumar
Piyush Kumar on 20 May 2024
Can you send some piece of code that can help me reproduce this?
Madmad on 20 May 2024
This is hard to reproduce as it doesn't happen all the time, which is why I asked the question as it is not consistent and I cannot understand how to avoid it. It happens sometimes when I fold/unfold a script that contains multiple lines, for example a for loop or a try/catch/end loop). Script attached is an example of what I do and where the issue is.
for i = 1:size(data,1)
tableMerged = table(relativePosition,...
datafileName, latitude, longitude, dateData, timeData, ...
XXX, ...
On the example of my screenshot, my code is unfolded and there is no hidden script. I cannot click on the rectangle+three dots when this bug occurs, nothing happens (compared to clicking on the rectangle when I fold a for loop for example). I use R2023a.
When this bug happens, even if I use ctrl+u it does not resolve the issue, I have to copy and paste the script that would contain the three dots in notepad++, and it would copy my entire script, and copy it back to Matlab. In Matlab I could not unfold it/see the lines inside.
I had this issue ~10 times so far this year, I will check when it happens again for bug reproduction.

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Answers (1)

Star Strider
Star Strider on 17 May 2024
The ellipsis dots (...) are continuation operators. You would probably have to remove them manually, or use the strrep or replace functions on the file itself to remove them. They have no actual effect on the code. (I do not see any options in ‘Preferences’ that would turn them on or off in the Editor.)
Madmad on 17 May 2024
The issue is I cannot select them and remove them. I sometimes need to delete my entire loop to remove them. I am already using ... myself to split my lines, why does a white rectangle dots even appear? And I have three of them on this example, even weirder.
Star Strider
Star Strider on 17 May 2024
I have not encountered that in that they cannot be removed. I also have not encountered the boxes with the continuation dots in them.
I suggest that you Contact Support for help with this.

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