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How to change methods access to public in App Designer

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Hello, I'm currrently creating an app in App Designer MATLAB. I'm trying to change the header names of a table that is being read in. There are 27 columns so my approach is to read in a MAT file with the header names. App Designer is making it difficult to load the file. I saw an example where the method was switched to public instead of private to make it accessible. How is this possible? The area is grayed out and I'm unsure how to switch it to public.

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 29 Apr 2024
To Answer your specific question, use the interface to create a public function.
However, I'd be surprised if you needed to do this to load a file. Can you share your current code for reading the file along with a sample file (copy/paste the code; use the paperclip icon to attach a sample file).
Norma on 29 Apr 2024
It is within the same folder as the app along with other files that have no problem being read in. I'm unsure why the MAT file is the only one giving an error.

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