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Table to MATRIX data Conversion

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Hello Everyone,
Before anyone suggests me to look at the other solutions provided, I have already done that.
I have attached the screenshots of the the table I am dealing with and also the error messages when i run the script. If someone can suggest a solution it would be of great help.

Accepted Answer

Infinite_king on 1 Apr 2024
Edited: Infinite_king on 1 Apr 2024
Hi Sai Gudlur,
It looks like the error is originating from 'table2array' function call. As per the documentation, 'table2array' function will convert the table data to homogeneous array. However, in this case, it seems one of the column has data type 'cell', because of this 'table2array' was unable to concatenate the columns.
% Table without cell data type
T = table(double([1;2;3]),["str1";"str2";"str3"])
A = table2array(T) % this call will be successful
% the following table contains cell data type in second column
T = table(double([1;2;3]),{"str1";"str2";"str3"})
A = table2array(T) % this call will fail
To resolve this issue, use 'table2cell' function instead of 'table2array'. This will return a cell array instead of homogeneous array.
% Instead use the following function
A = table2cell(T)
For more information, please refer the following documentation,
Hope this is helpful.
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Sai Gudlur
Sai Gudlur on 1 Apr 2024
Incase of Hetrogenoous Data this does the job. Thank you

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