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How to make this type of variation plot in MATLAB

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I want to recreate a plot that look like this in MATLAB. I can see it is a boxplot but the boxplot function I found in MATLAB is not generating exactly as in picture.
I have attached my dataset I want to plot. A matrix (Intensity for 6 different energy levels emitted at five selected wavelength), 7 by 5 matrix. The first row is the wavelength while 2:end row is the intensities at each energy level. I have also attached a column vector that represent the energy levels. Can anyone help me with the script to plot exactly like this plot? Thank you as I await your help.

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Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 26 Mar 2024
Moved: Dyuman Joshi on 26 Mar 2024
You are looking for errorbar.
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Doyinsola on 26 Mar 2024
Moved: Dyuman Joshi on 26 Mar 2024
Thank you very much Dyuman. This comment solved my problem. Now, I have what I want with the errorbar function.

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