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Transpilation issues in the MATLAB Support Package for Quantum Computing

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I am using MATLAB to try to run a very simple circuit on an IBM Osaka quantum backend. The circuit only applies one Hadamard gate on one qubit, yet the IBM backend does not support Hadamard gates.
The run() method is supposed to perform transpilation and convert my circuit to a version which only uses supported gates. It seems that this does not happen. I get an error at runtime from IBM Quantum Platform: "Failed - Circuits do not match the target definition (non-ISA circuits). -- \n Transpile your circuits for the target before submitting a primitive query.". Indeed, I can also see that the QASM sent to the IBM device contains the Hadamard gate.
How can I transpile the circuit? The tutorial only runs the "run" command, using by default OptimizationLevel=3, which is supposed to perform the required transpilation

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Quantum Computing
Quantum Computing on 26 Mar 2024
Edited: Steven Lord on 26 Mar 2024
Hi Marco,
This is due to changes with the IBM Runtime Service that took effect March 1st, where circuits are no longer transpiled. You can find more information and a workaround in Bug Report 3241896.
Thank you
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Pat Quillen
Pat Quillen on 28 Mar 2024
Hi Marco.
Yes, we are working on trying to restore the functionality as it was prior to 01 March without the need for a workaround. Specifically, we are looking at how to most effectively take care of transpilation for you. We're hoping to get this out in the not so distant future.
Let us know if you have any other questions.

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