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How to a create a label at the bottom of a vertical line?

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I am plotting a vertical line using xline, and I'd like to label the plot at the bottom of the line instead of the top. The example at is a good example of what I am getting now:
x = linspace(0,6,100);
y = exp(x);
How can the label be moved to the bottom of the line (near the x-axis)?

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Alan Stevens
Alan Stevens on 15 Mar 2024
Like this?
x = linspace(0,6,100);
y = exp(x);
xline(4.5,'-',{'Acceptable','Limit'}, 'LabelVerticalAlignment', 'bottom');
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Allen Hammack
Allen Hammack on 15 Mar 2024
Yes, that's exactly what I needed! Thank you!
(If only I had read the documentation a bit more closely.)

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