How to get specified data in table

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Arif on 19 Feb 2024
Commented: Arif on 21 Feb 2024
Please help me.
How can i filter the table by specified 'Pushover-x' as a rownames and only vartype 'StepNum' , 'GlobalFX', 'GlobalFZ' data which i want to get.

Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 19 Feb 2024
Edited: Stephen23 on 19 Feb 2024
Where T is your table:
idx = strcmpi(T.OutputCase,'Pushover-x');
out = T(idx,{'StepNum','GlobalFX','GlobalFZ'})
Note that if OutputCase really were the RowNames then you could have done this:
out = T('Pushover-x',{'StepNum','GlobalFX','GlobalFZ'})
Stephen23 on 21 Feb 2024
Edited: Stephen23 on 21 Feb 2024
"but it was error"
Then you need to tell us exactly what the error is. Show us all of the red text.
"so it cant take two filters in one variable ?"
MATLAB does not limit how many AND operators can be chained one after another.
But your logic using AND is most likely incorrect: can you show one single value of the OUTPUTCASE field whose value is both equal to "Pushover-X" and also to "MODAL" ? That is what AND means.
I am guessing that you intended to use OR:
idx = strcmp(T.Joint,'5') & (strcmp(T.OutputCase,'Pushover-x') | strcmp(T.OutputCase,'MODAL'));
or perhaps ISMEMBER or MATCHES or similar:
idx = strcmp(T.Joint,'5') & ismember(T.OutputCase,{'Pushover-x','MODAL'});
Arif on 21 Feb 2024
thanks stephen, ismember was the result

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