How to have a user select a file and then matlab automatically go into multiple subfolders and pull out a multiple text files and import them in as a table

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I am trying to have a user select a folder from a directory which I am using the uigetdir function. After the user selects a file there is are mutiple subfolders labeled with trial numbers. Within the each trial folder is anotehr subfolder "Data" that I want matlab to go into and pull a text file labled "imudata.txt" and bring it into the workspace as a table.
the file structure is like this
  • pt_01 folder
  • - Trial 1
  • -> Data
  • imudata.txt
  • - Trial 2
  • -> Data
  • imudata.tx
  • - Trial 3
  • -> Data
  • imudata.txt
  • So I want the user to 1) select a folder
  • and then matlab automatically go into each trial folder-> and into the subfolders named "data"-> and pull all the "imudat.txt" files and bring them in as a seperate tables
I am thinking of doing this first but not sure how to have matlab go into each trial folder and subfolder and pull the specific files
pt_selction = uigetdir('C:\user\project1\') %allows user to select the folder of interest
Trials = dir(pt_selection)
Subfold = Trials([Trials.isdir])
%Loop on each folder
Subfold = [];
for i=1:length(Subfold)
filetoread = fullfile(pt_selection,SubFold(i).name,'imudata.txt')

Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 9 Feb 2024
Edited: Stephen23 on 9 Feb 2024
Let DIR to do the work for you! DIR will happily search in subfolders for specific files, if you tell it to:
P = uigetdir('C:\user\project1\');
F = fullfile(P,'Trial*','Data','imudata.txt');
S = dir(F);
for k = 1:numel(S)
F = fullfile(S(k).folder,S(k).name);
T = readtable(F); % pick a suitable file importing function and options.
S(k).data = T;
All of the data is simply stored in the structure S. For example, the 2nd file:
S(2).folder % location
S(2).name % filename
S(2).data % imported data

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Sonesson on 9 Feb 2024
Hello Isabelle,
The wildcard * combined with dir which lists all contents in a folder is a powerful tool for this job i suggest something like this:
%Select a folder from pop up (starts pop up in current directory, cd)
myFolder = uigetdir(cd); %Select pt_01 folder here
%In myFolder, look for all folders. Look for the Data folder in those, and
%look for the imudata.txt in the data folders found
textFiles = dir([myFolder,'\**\Data\imudata.txt']);
%Loop over all such files found
for i = 1:size(textFiles,1)
%Read the text file as a table
t = readtable([textFiles(i).folder,'\',textFiles(i).name]);
%Make a suitable variable name for the table ( could be done with
%sprintf instead if you don't want to base it on the folder names)
%split the folder path into components
name = strsplit(textFiles(i).folder,'\');
%Take the second to last (Trial i) folder as the name
name = name{end-1};
%... But matlab cannot have variable names with spaces so we replace
name = strrep(name,' ','_');
%Lets also make the name point out that it is a table with data (highly optional)
name = [name,'_tableData'];
%Make the table as a seperate variable in the workspace
%... you can also assign it in the caller worspace
% instead of base if you want to format this as a function
Though be careful using assignin, it is typically bad practice as you may create variables with varying names, making them hard to reference later in the code!
Good luck!
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Stephen23 on 9 Feb 2024
Note that a recursive directory search is not required.
Using FULLFILE is much better than hard-coding path separator characters with text concatenation.
Using ASSIGNIN with variable names based on filenames is fundamentally fragile and best avoided:

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