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Simulink signal Code generation property

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I am unable to set an exported global storage class for simulink signal under of Signal property window. In 2019, i can select from code generation under signal property but its removed from 2020b. I'm using autosar blockset and
mysignal.CoderInfo.StorageClass = 'ExportedGlobal';
or code mapping are not helping me because of the target selection. How Can i set signal as a global in AUTOSAR target 2020b

Accepted Answer

Brahmadev on 6 Feb 2024
Edited: Brahmadev on 6 Feb 2024
As you mentioned, 'ExportedGlobal' is not present in the 'Code Mappings - Component Interface' for Signals/States Data store. Instead, you can define 'Mapped To' as 'StaticMemory' for any signal that you would want to be static in the generated code.
Also, notice in the screenshot below that the generated code allocates memory for the error signal outside the model step function.
You can refer to the following MathWorks documentation links for more information:
  1. Configure AUTOSAR Static Memory:
  2. Map AUTOSAR Elements for Code Generation:
Hope this helps in resolving your query!
Suleyman on 6 Feb 2024
its look works. I wanna ask about is there any difference in using export global and static memory mapping?

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Infinite_king on 5 Feb 2024
Hi Suleyman,
In R2020b, you can set the storage class of a signal using the Code Mapping Editor. Follow the steps below to open the editor and set the storage class for a signal.
  • In the C Code Tab, select Code Interface -> Default Code Mappings.
  • This will open a Code Mapping Editor.
  • In the editor, click on Signals/States tab.
  • Select the signal for which you want to change the storage class.
  • Click the 'Add selected signals to code mappings' button. (below the Data Defaults tab)
  • Here you can change the storage class of that signal.
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Suleyman on 5 Feb 2024
Yeah Its presented on simulink coder but not presented AUTOSAR code mappings.

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