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Error C MEX S-function

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Engineer on 30 Nov 2023
Edited: Infinite_king on 16 Jan 2024

Hello there, I have a Amesim Black box model in Simulink. On my desktop, it works well. Also i tried to run on other desktops. Most of them work well. But some of them gives following error: Error in 'Model' while executing C MEX S-function 'Model', (mdlInitializeConditions), at time 0.0. Caused by: in Simcenter Amesim mexfunction: 'Model', Simcenter Amesim fatal error Cannot initialize Simcenter Amesim Model. EXIT This is an urgent case for me. Could you please help me?

Thank you so much.

Answers (1)

Infinite_king on 12 Jan 2024
Edited: Infinite_king on 15 Jan 2024
Hi Engineer,
Follow the general troubleshooting steps below to possibly resolve the issue,
  1. Check Simcenter Amesim license validity before exporting the model.
  2. Verify correct configuration of environment variables related to Simcenter Amesim.
  3. Ensure Simcenter Amesim version compatibility between the model and installed software.
  4. Check for differences in solver settings between working and non-working computers.
  5. Verify accessibility and correct setup of Simcenter Amesim model dependencies.
  6. Review Simulink model configuration parameters related to Amesim integration.
  7. Check for any additional error messages or log files generated during initialization..
Hope this is helpful.
Engineer on 15 Jan 2024
Is it necessary to have Simcenter Amesim in computer to use blackbox model in Simulink?
Infinite_king on 15 Jan 2024
Edited: Infinite_king on 16 Jan 2024
Refer this,,Pre%2Drequisite,-%2D. I've provided general troubleshooting steps, and it's possible that some steps may not apply to your specific situation. If the issue still persists, contact MathWorks support for further assistance,

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