It's a matter of differential calculation. I'm getting a formula error. Please help me

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This is the problem
Using Symbolic Math, calculate and state the first, second, and third derivatives of the function y for x
syms x y n
y= 5*(x+3)^4+6*sin(8*x)+9*exp^2*x
It's my mathematical formula
Insufficient input arguments for exp. That's the error
What's the problem?

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Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 18 Sep 2023
Edited: Dyuman Joshi on 18 Sep 2023
That's not how the syntax for exp works - It was explained in the previous question of yours as well.
syms x y n
y= 5*(x+3)^4+6*sin(8*x)+9*exp(2*x)
y = 
For the other task, use diff.
Refer to the documentation page (the link) for more info.
As stated in a previous questoin of yours, you should invest some time and take the free introductory course: MATLAB Onramp Tutorial to learn the essentials of MATLAB.
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 18 Sep 2023
The statement exp^2*x attempts to evaluate the exp function with no input arguments, square the result, and mutiply that result by x. But there is no syntax for the exp function that accepts no input arguments listed on that documentation page. MATLAB doesn't know what to do with the way you called exp and so it throws an error.
The syntax Dyuman Joshi uesd, exp(2*x), multiplies 2 and x and passes the result to exp as an input argument. There is a 1-input argument syntax listed on the exp documentation page.

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