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Do you use auto-update for MATLAB Objects?

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David Garrison
David Garrison on 8 Dec 2022
Commented: Chris on 26 Jan 2023
The MATLAB object system has a feature called auto-update. If you create objects of class A, then update the definition of class A, all existing objects of class A automatically get the new definition. A few questions for the community.
  • Were you aware of this feature?
  • Do you use the auto-update feature of MATLAB objects?
  • How do you use this feature?
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Chris on 26 Jan 2023
I was aware because I've noticed its effects, and I use it with an air of trepidation.
If adding a property or a simple method, I might continue working with the current object as I develop the class, but I don't do anything creative with auto-update. I've not thought before tonight about how it would work with, for instance, a modified constructor. In uncertain situations it's not usually much of a hassle to simply regenerate the object.

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