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Asked by Morten
on 19 Oct 2011
My MATLAB R2011b ( 64-bit maci64 keeps crashing. When I for example open a large matrix in the variable editor and keep on scrolling down MATLAB suddenly crashes. Furthermore it crashes when I close several figures. Any suggestions?
I run it in Mac OS X 10.7.1.


Can you be more specific on this variable editor crash? I run 11b on 10.7.2, and I:
Then opened A in the variable editor and held down the Page Down for over a minute without crash. Can you point me in the right direction?
See bug report no. 749571 at
“On Macintosh sytems, scrolling through large data [10,000 x 50 or larger] in the Variable Editor can cause MATLAB to abort and generate a crash report.”
Unfortunately, the solution suggested there (disabling the JAVA Just-in-time compiler) slows down the MATLAB GUI drastically.
same issue here. and disabling jit does nothing to help :( i'm moving to matlab for windows in a virtualbox. its a sad day

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It also happens to me very frequently on Mac OS 10.6.8. It is necessary to set default graphic renderer to OpenGL (it helped me alot)
that can be done in startup file, and also check you OpenGL bugs and if there is any try workarounds, I have to use this workaround:
Although most of crashs are resolved by using OpenGL, there are many other unknown cases. I appreciate if someone can help for arbitrary crashs.

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It works, but it also change the plot settings

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Ken Atwell
Ken Atwell 님의 답변 30 Aug 2012

The bug report the Holger mentioned back in January has a patch for 12a (only) attached to it. See the related topic Matlab crashing randomly on Macosx Lion.


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Jan 님의 답변 19 Oct 2011

I love Macs, and after I've read so many problems in this forum, I recommend to run Matlab under Windows.
Sorry for this pessimistic answer. I hope some Mac users disagree and post a real solution.


what about Linux?
I keep having problem under Windows as well, while under Linux it is everything under usual..

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