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I want help solving differential equations

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my sol
syms x(t);
eqn = exp(x).*(diff(x,t)+1)==1;x(0)=1;
sol = dsolve(eqn);
Error occurred during use: Indexing
Invalid indexing or function definition. Indexing is
You must follow MATLAB's indexing approach. Function argument is symbol side
Must be a number and the body of the function must be a symbol expression.
Error Occurred: Untitled (Line 2)
eqn = exp(x).*(diff(x,t)+1)==1;x(0)=1;

Accepted Answer

Sam Chak
Sam Chak on 1 Dec 2022
Follow the example in the dsolve() documentation
syms x(t)
eqn = diff(x,t) == 1/exp(x) - 1; % rearrange the equation
cond = x(0) == 1;
xSol(t) = dsolve(eqn, cond)
xSol(t) = 

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