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Need help in analyzing image planes

Asked by MKN
on 11 Mar 2015
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on 11 Mar 2015
% CODE 1
% Read RGB image
x = imread('Lena.jpg');
rPlane = x(:,:,1);
imshow(rPlane) % Displays Red Plane in Lena.jpg image
% CODE 2
y = imread('Lena.jpg');
y(:,:,2) = 0;
y(:,:,3) = 0;
% I need to know about this displayed
% image 'y' with 'G' and 'B' planes all zeros


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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 11 Mar 2015
 Accepted Answer

They both look "right" - what's the problem? They are different in that code 1 extracts the red channel as a monochrome image and it will display as grayscale (unless you applied a colormap), whereas code 2 leaves the image as RGB. Code 2 just zeros out the green and blue so the image will show the red channel as a red hue. What do you want to do? Neither is right or wrong it just depends on what you want to do with the different color channels.

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on 11 Mar 2015
I wanted to know why the 'red' color appears in CODE2. I have better clarity now. Thanks IA.

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