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How to load the data from a specific excel files in a loop?

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R7 DR on 20 Feb 2015
Edited: Sad Grad Student on 20 Feb 2015
I have the data files, and I have to load the data into matlab when ever the condition matches.
The condition should be depended on my file name.
for example the data files are ''1.xlsx 2.xlsx 5.xlsx 8.xlsx''
for i=1:10 if i= the file name, then I have to load the dat in to excel.
my file names are changing frequently, so with out modifying the program I just want to put a condition and load the data.
how to write a condition in this case ?

Accepted Answer

Sad Grad Student
Sad Grad Student on 20 Feb 2015
Edited: Sad Grad Student on 20 Feb 2015
Try this and let me know if it works!
% cd (<directory containing all the files you want to load>)
allfiles = dir;
allfiles(1:2) = []; %this is because allfiles(1) = . & allfiles(2) = ..
for i = 1:10
if allfiles(i).name == strcat(sprintf('%d',i),'.xlsx')
fname = allfiles(i).name; %or = strcat(sprintf('%d',i),'.xlsx');
f = xlsread(fname);

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