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Build a Simulink Model with Target as System File wron

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Hello i need Help, i want to build a Model and becom this Message:
External Mode has been disabled for subsystem code generation.
Invalid option 'initCompiledVariantInfoManager' specified in call to 'slInternal'
What i can do? thank you

Answers (1)

Infinite_king on 18 Dec 2023
Hi kamdem tamo,
I understand you're encountering issues while generating code for the Simulink model.
The possible reason for this error could be a misconfiguration of code generation settings. External Mode is a feature in Simulink that allows you to run a simulation on the target hardware and tune parameters in real-time while the simulation is running.
To resolve the problem, try the following troubleshooting steps.
  1. Open your Simulink model.
  2. In the ‘MODELING’ tab, select ‘Model Settings’ option.
  3. In the "Code Generation" section, check the ‘Target selection’ and ‘Build Process’ settings.
  4. Configure additional settings as needed for your target hardware and communication interface.
  5. Expand the ‘Code Generation’ section and select ‘Interface’ sub section.
  6. In ‘Data exchange interface’ select the ‘External mode’ option.
  7. Click "Apply" and then "OK" to save the changes.
  8. Attempt to generate code again.
For more information, refer the following MATLAB documentations,
  1. https:/
Hope this is helpful.


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