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Why will the legend command not display descripitions properly when using a non-solid line style in R2014B?

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KtotheC on 3 Feb 2015
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
I'm using the legend command in R2014B, and am having issues with it displaying text when a line style other than solid is being used. The code runs successfully in R2012B and works as intended. Try running the example below, thoughts?
figure; hold on; plot([1:10], 1*[1:10], 'b', 'LineWidth', 1); plot([1:10], 2*[1:10], 'r', 'LineWidth', 1); plot([1:10], 3*[1:10], 'g', 'LineWidth', 1, 'LineStyle', '--'); plot([1:10], 4*[1:10], 'm', 'LineWidth', 1, 'LineStyle', '--'); title('Legend Example'); legend({'One','Two','Three','Four'}, 'Location', 'Northwest');
If the "'LineStyle', '--'" options are removed from the above code, the legend appears fine, and the 'Four' label appears.

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