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Combined Slip Wheel STI Compile Error

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Brandyn Pataki
Brandyn Pataki on 7 Jun 2022
Answered: Infinite_king on 7 Feb 2024
When I try to run the Combined Slip Wheel STI block I get the following error.
"Function 'Combined Slip Wheel STI/Outputs/W-axis to C-axis' (#178.146.161), line 7, column 11: "cross(XeCp, Fw)" "
Below are the inputs of my model (which I belive match the documentation). Any help is appreciated.
Brandyn Pataki
Brandyn Pataki on 7 Jun 2022
One final update from me before I put this down for the night: When I connect a 3 zero vector the code runs fine but when I connect the 3 vector generated by my model the error is thrown. See the picture below showing the 3 vectors are the same.
Brandyn Pataki
Brandyn Pataki on 7 Jun 2022
Final Comment: I tired transposing my signal (Xe) before inputting it into the block and it still did not work.

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Answers (1)

Infinite_king on 7 Feb 2024
Hi Brandyn Pataki,
One possible reason for encountering the error is because of input dimension mismatch. As per the "Combined Slip Wheel STI" documentation :-, Port '' expects a vector representing Rotation angle of rim with respect to the wheel center, in .
However, it seems like you are passing a scalar instead of vector. Review the input values and make necessary changes.
Hope this is helpful.


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