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How to plot fourier sin series

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deltanabla on 4 Jan 2015
Commented: Star Strider on 4 Jan 2015
Hi Folks,
I have a column of amplitudes d_n and frequencies Omega both from 1 to 664.
1) How to i create the series? I have attempted V_x=sum(d_n.*cos(Omega.*x)) (which generated all the sin terms with values of d_n and Omega, however I cannot repeat this now for some reason) but then when I attempted to plot, I got error message stating
"cannot convert from syms to double"
2) Then plot the series in sysmbolic mode?
Any information will be appreciated. Regards

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 4 Jan 2015
deltanabla’s ‘Answer’ moved here:
For example if both the vector d_n and Omega have 2 numerical entries, what is the syntax to automatically write
A cos (b x)+ C cos(d x)
and then plot this...?

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