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How to install coolprop in matlab on mac

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Qi Nie
Qi Nie on 30 Mar 2022
Answered: Infinite_king on 10 Jan 2024
I need use coolprop with matlab in my work. But I have met some problem of how to install coolprop in matlab. I have install python and I used the terminal to install the pip. But in Matlab, it cannot find the pip. Can anyone give me some advices?
Qi Nie
Qi Nie on 1 May 2022
I followed his steps, but it still doesn't install properly

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Answers (1)

Infinite_king on 10 Jan 2024
Hi Qi Nie,
It looks like the error is emanating from the call to 'clang.' The prerequisites for the 'Coolprop' wrapper include a C++ compiler. The C++ compiler might not be configured properly.
Follow the below troubleshooting steps to resolve the error,
  1. Make sure supported C+ Compiler was installed and configured properly.
  2. Refer this link for supported compilers :-
  3. Setup the default compiler, refer the following link :-
  4. Make sure the following requirements are met before installing 'Coolprop',,Common%20Wrapper%20Prerequisites,-%C2%B6
  5. Install the 'Coolprop' again.
Hope this is helpful.


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