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This is the error I am getting while building my code in different computer.

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Memory Section' mapped to Model Function Category 'Execution' in model default mappings does not resolve to valid entry in Embedded Coder Dictionary. Select a valid value for 'Memory Section'.

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Infinite_king on 14 Dec 2023
Edited: Infinite_king on 14 Dec 2023
Hi Saurabh Prakash,
I understand that you are facing the 'default mappings do not resolve to a valid entry in the Embedded Coder Dictionary' error while attempting to generate code for the model.
This is possibly because of custom memory mapping settings used in the model. In embedded coder, 'Memory Section' is used for organizing and allocating memory for variables and data in the generated code. Memory sections dictate where specific types of data, such as constants, inputs, outputs, and temporary variables, will be stored in the memory of the target hardware. Placing pragmas before data declarations can help achieve this customization, with the effectiveness depending on the compiler and target machine.
Follow the below steps to resolve the problem,
  1. Open the model in Simulink.
  2. In the Apps tab, select Embedded coder.
  3. It will open C Code tab.
  4. In this tab, select, Code Interface option and then select Embedded Coder Dictionary.
  5. It will open Embedded Coder Dictionary dialog box.
  6. In that dialog box, select “Memory Section”.
  7. Now review the different sections and make necessary changes so it will be suitable for the current device and compiler.
For more information on how to use “Memory section” refer the following MATLAB documentation,
Hope this is helpful.


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