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The packaging step in Library Compiler is not finishing?

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I am trying to compile a slightly complex fitting function into a Python Package via the Library Compiler app. When I click the compile package button, the window that pops up works through "Binaries" quickly, but then stay son packaging with the spinning loading wheel. I have let it go for a couple hours, and then canceled and tried again. Any tips on how to avoid this?
Serkan Durmaz
Serkan Durmaz on 19 Jul 2023
Exact same problem when I try to create a Java Package from a complex Matlab function. Anyone got a solution?
Helmut Hickersberger
Helmut Hickersberger on 9 Jan 2024
Watch out for modal dialog windows from 3rd party applications that pop up in the background and are thus not visible (I remember having this effect with Excel when creating an Excel makro from a Matlab function)....

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Answers (1)

Infinite_king on 9 Jan 2024
Edited: Infinite_king on 9 Jan 2024
Hi Scott Lynch,
I understand the you are trying to compile MATLAB function into a Python Package using Library Compiler app and the app was stuck in the 'packaging' step.
Follow the below troubleshooting steps to possibly resolve the issue.
  1. Manage Dependencies: If the code relies on external dependencies or libraries, make sure these dependencies are correctly integrated into the packaging. While the Library Compiler should automatically detect and include dependencies, you may need to manually specify certain dependencies.
  2. Verify Packaging Settings: Confirm that your packaging settings in MATLAB's Library Compiler are accurately configured. Check the output directory, select the appropriate packaging type, and make sure the all necessary files are included.
  3. Verify Version Compatibility: Confirm compatibility between the version of MATLAB used to generate the DLL and the version of MATLAB Compiler/Runtime employed for packaging. Mismatched versions can lead to compatibility issues.
  4. Clean Intermediate Files: Address potential conflicts with intermediate build files by cleaning out any temporary or intermediate files generated during the compilation process. Subsequently, attempt the packaging process again.
  5. Review Packaging Logs: In case of packaging failures, inspect the log files or error messages generated by the Library Compiler. Analyze these logs to pinpoint specific issues causing the packaging failure
For more information, refer the following documentation
Hope this is helpful.


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