How do I quickly extracting subdomains of a website?

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Derek on 22 Nov 2014
Answered: matt dash on 22 Nov 2014
Hello everyone,
I am trying to find all of the subdomains of a specific domain.
Let's say I would want to create an array of all available websites where the last four digits are different.
The array would look like this where is shows only the available sites: 0101 0234 0675
Does anyone know of a quick way that I could get a list of all of the subdomains using a MATLAB program? Right now I am able to read websites about 2 seconds per attempt, but this will take a while if I have to read 10 million webpages. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Answers (1)

matt dash
matt dash on 22 Nov 2014
A quick google search suggests that this is impossible, with or without Matlab.

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