Matlab toolbox will not work no matter what I do!

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I am trying to use the following toolbox...
I currently have Matlab R2014a.
What I have tried so far:
-Downloaded the zip
-Extracted the "geom3d" folder with the "licence.txt" to "...\Program Files\MATLAB\R2014a\toolbox"
-Restarted MATLAB and went to "Preferences >> MATLAB >> General >> Update Toolbox Path Cache"
Nothing works. I then tried to go about trying to open the .mltbx file in the "current directory" window, but this didn't work either (I think this only works in R2014b)
What's going on here???

Accepted Answer

matt dash
matt dash on 19 Nov 2014
Generally you do not want to install your files to the toolbox folder. Put it in your regular matlab working directory instead.
In any case, you have to add the geom3d folder to your search path. (The "set path" button below the "preferences" button in the ribbon.) Then you can access the files. (And if you put it in the toolbox directory, you also need to update the toolbox path cache as you did above)

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