Need a help to design a block.

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Swagata Chakraborty
Swagata Chakraborty on 20 Dec 2021
Answered: VBBV on 14 Jan 2022
I am facing some problem with Flow rate regulator block and Flow rate selector block. These two blocks designed here are not available in MATLAB library so I need heip.How to design?

Accepted Answer

VBBV on 14 Jan 2022
If there is no standard block for flow rate in (Smmulink or Simscape)library, then you can define 2 variables as signals. One for cross-section area, other for flow velocity.
Then use both signals to combine them with a standard multiplier block to regulate and/Or select volume flow rate.
If it is mass flow rate, then you may add another signal for density and multiply it resulting signal.

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