Simple Question: How do you change the number of decimals of a number inside of a legend so it has more decimal places? (Please view Attachment!)

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Yianni on 27 Oct 2014
Commented: matt dash on 28 Oct 2014
%I want to display numbers such as .0254 in my legend as opposed to 0.2. How do I change that?
%Some of my Script below:
%2-D plot
if ic == 1
%Color and marker code for creating 2-D plots
Ncm = 6; scm = ['r-';'g:';'b-';'m:';'c-';'k:'];
h = zeros(Ny,1); st = zeros(Ny,9);
%Plot curves of T(x,y) for various y values
nfig = nfig+1; figure(nfig)
for j = 1:Ny
h(j) = plot(x,T(:,j),scm(j,:),'LineWidth',2); hold on
st(j,:) = sprintf('%5.1f = y',yy(j));
title('2-D Temperature Distribution of Long Wooden Beam')
grid,xlabel('X Values'),ylabel('Temperature (C)')

Accepted Answer

matt dash
matt dash on 27 Oct 2014
Change %5.1 to %5.4

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