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Faruk on 8 Oct 2014
Commented: Alutsyah Luthfian on 12 Sep 2020
Hi, I used default axes line width as 1.5 in Matlab2014a and my grids were fine. When I increase the axes line width in Matlab2014b, it increases the grid line width and create a very ugly plot specially if I save it as eps or pdf. How can I set axes line width to 1.5 and and grid line width to 0.5 Thank you

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 8 Oct 2014
Edited: Star Strider on 8 Oct 2014
According to the Axis Properties documentation for R2014b, the axes and grid line widths are all set by the LineWidth property. Setting the GridAlpha or GridColor properties to make them less prominent is probably the best you can do.
EDIT — There may be a way to get around it though if you don’t mind a slightly cumbersome solution.
Assuming this is the effect you want:
x = linspace(0,10*pi,250);
y = sin(0.1*x).*cos(5*x);
plot(x,y, '-r')
hold on
xl = xlim;
yl = ylim;
plot(xl,ones(1,2)*yl(1), '-k', ones(1,2)*xl(1), yl,'-k', 'LineWidth',1.5) % Left & Lower Axes
plot(xl,ones(1,2)*yl(2), '-k', ones(1,2)*xl(2), yl,'-k', 'LineWidth',1.5) % Right & Upper Axes
hold off
Alutsyah Luthfian
Alutsyah Luthfian on 12 Sep 2020
Thanks man... you are very helpful

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Md Zillur Rahman
Md Zillur Rahman on 15 Oct 2015
you can solve this issue by using
GridAlpha — Grid-line transparency 0.15 (default) | value in the range [0,1] Grid-line transparency, specified as a value in the range [0,1]. A value of 1 means opaque and a value of 0 means completely transparent.
Setting this property sets the associated mode property to manual.
Example: ax.GridAlpha = 0.5

matt dash
matt dash on 8 Oct 2014
I think Yair Altman just covered this today... there are unlisted "ruler" properties that let you directly control the axes lines:

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