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Why do I get 3 emails when watching a file in Matlab File Exchange

Asked by Tobias Benjamin Gram on 19 Sep 2014
Latest activity Commented on by Kelly Kearney
on 19 Sep 2014
Every time someone post or edit a file on Matlab File Exchange and I follow it, I get 3 email notifying me. Why 3 and not just one? Where can I change it?

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Maybe the FileExchange team will see this and post an answer here. If not, you can reach the team under

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2 Answers

Answer by Josh Natanson on 19 Sep 2014

This isn't the expected behavior. The File Exchange team has contacted Tobias and are looking into the issue.


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Answer by Kelly Kearney
on 19 Sep 2014

I often get multiple emails when I update my own functions too (which I watch to keep up with feedback comments). But not always. I assumed it was due to the fact that I ended up with duplicate accounts a few years ago when MatlabCentral and Mathworks accounts merged, which took a while to sort out. This comment doesn't really sort out the issue, but just thought I'd let the FEX team know this problem isn't unique to Tobias.


I do also have two accounts, but different emails associated to the profile. Also I do not follow the m-files in File Exchange on the other (old) profile, so that could not be the issue.
I don't follow under multiple accounts, only one. I currently only have one FEX account, but there was a time when I suddenly had two, since the email I use for my personal FEX profile is different than the one my Matlab license is associated with. After much back and forth with support, I managed to get those profiles merged into one, but I've just assumed that this mutiple personality history was at the root of the multiple emails I receive.
I could of course be completely wrong about that though.

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