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MatLab and Arduino readVoltage Function

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Darryl on 16 Sep 2014
Edited: Darryl on 16 Sep 2014
I've not long switched from 2013a to 2014a, so installing the 3rd party tools was a completely different process than it was when setting the Arduino up with 2013a. Also the functions have changed in that you have to pass the Arduino object into each function instead of dot notation. Also the names of the functions have changed. Before, I used to read an anolog pin e.g. ard.analogRead(0). Now we have readVoltage which is the opposite of what I want to capture. Can the former still be used, or will I have to do this in order to read in bits:
readVoltage(ard, 0) * 1023 / 5;
I've read the pdf that comes with the installation, but theres no mention of an analogRead function.


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