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Errors while encrypting audio file using AES algorithm ?

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amina dilwar
amina dilwar on 4 Sep 2014
Answered: sree takeoff on 30 Jul 2021
AES on my audio file it is giving me plaintext should be vector of 16 elements not a cell array..i have removed that errors then i complie it now it is giving me these errors......please me in removing these error
errors are
??? Error using ==> bitxor Inputs must be unsigned integers of the same class or scalar doubles.
?????Error in ==> add_round_key at 14 state_out = bitxor (state_in, round_key);
?????Error in ==> cipher at 97 state = add_round_key (state, round_key);
??????Error in ==> aes_demo at 41 ciphertext = cipher (plaintext1, w, s_box, poly_mat, 1);

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sree takeoff
sree takeoff on 30 Jul 2021
Hi I am working on AES encryption and decryption in my project.
I have a .mp4 file which is encrypted using "AES/CBC/pkcs5padding".
I have the key and iv values which is used to encrypt the first 256 bytes of the audio file.
I need to decrypt the file's first 256 bytes using the same algorithm , key and iv values.
I have followed some links (link1,link2).
I got a audio player demo and tried to implement my part(AES encryption and decryption) as demo.
Below I explained the code what I have done.
This method reads the data from encrypted file which is under res/raw folder.


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