Adding labels to fsurf contour lines

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Benjamin Cook
Benjamin Cook on 2 Oct 2021
Commented: Benjamin Cook on 10 Oct 2021
Hi folks! I have some surface plots that I'd like to label. I am plotting range vs fuel burn and altitude:
However, these 3d plots aren't the easiest to read, so I change the view angle to create a 2d plot of sorts:
What I would like to do is put labels on the horizontal lines (the contour lines) in the plot, so that in the 2d view, you can see the altitude that gives you that contour line. Is this possible? This is the current code:
fig = fsurf(range/burn(pow/100,alt/maxAlt), [0 maxAlt 0 100]);
title(strcat(aircraftNames(i)), ' Range vs Altitude, Speed');
xlabel('Altitude (ft)');
ylabel('Throttle (%)');
zlabel('Range (nmi)');
saveas(fig, strcat('Plots/3D/',regexprep(aircraftNames(i), '[\s.-]',''),'_3D'),'png');
saveas(fig, strcat('Plots/2D/',regexprep(aircraftNames(i),'[\s.-]',''),'_2D'),'png');
Thanks for your help!

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Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly on 3 Oct 2021
Edited: Kevin Holly on 3 Oct 2021
You can add text by entering the following:
text(0,30,160,'Text Label','Fontsize',12)
where 0, 30, and 160 are the x, y, and z coordinates.
Or you can insert the text in the figure by selecting Insert > text
After making edits, you can generate code. With this code you can generate another figure with the same format. You can also edit this code to suit your needs.
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Benjamin Cook
Benjamin Cook on 10 Oct 2021
Is there a way for labels to be automatically generated, like on the axes?

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