How to I plot a vector whose points change in color based on the value of another vector?

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ryan eckman
ryan eckman on 14 Sep 2021
I have two 4000x1 vectors, call them A and B. I want to plot A on a graph, and I want the color to change based on the value of B. For example, if B(1) is between 0.95-1, I want to plot A(1) in dark red. If B(1) is between 0.9-0.949, I want to plot A(1) in a lighter shade of red. I want the colors to change from dark red at the max to light blue at the minimum value of B.
I initially tried this with a for loop and conditional statements (if B(i) > 0.95, scatter(x(i),A(i),1,'r'), but I want more color variation, and using the color short names doesn't provide intensity on the color. Is there a way this can be done without brute forcing it using hexadecimal color codes?

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Ashutosh Singh Baghel
Ashutosh Singh Baghel on 20 Sep 2021
Hi Ryan, I understand you wish to use the 'scatter' function to plot 'A' and change color of data points based on value of 'B'. Please refer to the example shown below.
n = 4000;
A = 1:n;
B = rand(1,n);
r = linspace(1,0,n);
c = [r' zeros(n,2)];
Please feel free to refer to the documentation page on 'scatter' function.

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